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Who Are We?
Cure My Score is a full-service credit counseling and restoration company. Realizing a credit score is as unique as a fingerprint, we work with clients and creditors to improve credit profiles by creating custom game plans. We focus on credit education and work efficiently to get a client’s credit score as high as possible, as quickly as possible so they can achieve their goals! We have a proven track record of assisting thousands of individuals and families fulfill their credit goals!

The Difference
Cure My Score is a locally owned and operated business. Chris McConville, our President of Education, has over 20 years of past mortgage and credit experience. He is one of the leading FICO Expert Credit Witnesses in the country and provides our clients with credit education. We provide unrivaled customer service, focus on education and create personalized game plans. 

No More “No”
Why become a referral partner? We work with anyone who deals with potential clients who need higher credit scores, including high profile businesses that need help turning “NO” into “Not Yet”. We are focused on assisting your credit impaired clients to help improve their credit scores and send them back to you as a qualified sale. Make us part of your process. Help become part of the solution, and enjoy the opportunity to close more business!

How It Works
When you experience a credit denial, let your customer know that you have a solution. Even though they can’t get approved at this time, let them know you have a relationship with Cure My Score Credit Repair. You simply send us a new customer form located on our user friendly affiliate portal, and we will give your customer a call to explain our program. We give you access to 100% of your leads and help you stay part of this transparent process from start to finish. Only a few minutes of your time will create a revolving door for future business!

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