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Join our affiliate program and add 5%-40% to your annual income while protecting your ID for free!

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Who Are We?

Since 2008, Cure My Score has helped thousands of consumers regain control of their credit be taking the guess work out of credit improvement.  We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and very high ratings from our clients.  We only accept clients that can benefit from our program and this is one of the reasons our clients do so well.

The Difference

  • We work on all the credit from day 1.  Our goal is to help our clients master their credit as fast as possible.
  • We provide the best credit education in the business.  It is hard to master something if you don’t understand it.
  • We provide Full Service help; our clients are much more than a number and we work closely with each client to achieve the best success.
  • Each of our clients receives ID Theft Protection for themselves and their family.  We offer this unique benefit since ID theft is real and only getting worse.


Affiliate Benefits

  • Our mutual client returns to our affiliates once their credit has improved.  We co-brand your services from day 1.
  • By offering solutions to credit problems, many of our affiliates find they receive future referrals.
  • We celebrate our client’s better credit by posting their success stories, branded to our affiliate, on Social Media.  Most of these posts get viewed by well over 5,000 consumers so don’t be surprised if you get new business.  
  • We protect all our affiliates with free ID Theft Protection.  ID Theft causes nightmares for millions of consumers.


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