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Home Sweet Home Program

Cure My Score designed this Home Sweet Home program to provide the greatest opportunity for ALL individuals to experience the American Dream, Home Ownership. We focus on budgeting as well to make sure our clients continue to own their homes for life.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, in a rent to own contract or have been displaced from the housing market due to past credit issues, we can help.
Our program assists in all 4 of the major parts of becoming a home owner.
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1. Credit: Working with Cure My Score will ensure you have a complete and accurate credit report and the credit education needed to yield the highest possible FICO (credit) scores. Your FICO score is used to determine if you get approved as well as at what interest rate. A few extra points can, at times, save you tens of thousands in interest charges.

2. Mortgage: If you were referred to our program by a mortgage lender you have this step covered. Once you are ready to purchase your home, your existing mortgage lender will contact you to get you approved. david divecchio testimonial ATTEMPT 2 USE THIS ONE!!!!If you were not referred by a mortgage lender, we will assist you in this process. It is essential to deal with an experienced reputable lender who has your best interest before their own. By getting the right loan based on
what you can afford (not what the bank says you can afford), you will not only get a home you can afford but also one you can keep without the risk of becoming a statistic (foreclosure).

3. Real Estate Agent: If you were referred to our program by a real estate agent you have this step covered. Once you are in a position to purchase your home, your existing real estate agent will contact you to find the home of your dreams in your price range. frank g house photo for hsh website.If you were not referred by a real estate agent, we will assist you in this process. It is essential to deal with a reputable agent you has your needs and goals as the top priority. Many home sales include large commissions to agents and we can’t stress enough that the agent must have your needs front and center.

4. Down Payment: Funds are required regardless of what type of mortgage you get. Many loan programs offer different down payments. In addition to down payment you have closing costs and what are called reserves (part of underwriting requirements). Saving up for a home purchase can be difficult but if you have a system set up it can be quite simple. We can assist you in opening a separate savings account (not mixed in with your bill money) designed to meet the financial obligations you have for your home purchase. We can design this to your specific needs. Whether you want a $1 a day or $100 a pay set up we can help. You will have the flexibility to create your own custom savings plan. Keeping these home funds separate will be key to your success.

Now you see by having the right team in place that puts your home ownership dreams as priority #1 is essential in you fulfilling your dreams.
We don’t have nor promote to have any magic wands. We just have many years of assisting thousands of individuals fulfill their dreams of home ownership.
We look forward to being a part of your success and look forward to you being able own your own “home sweet home”.