ID Theft | Cure My Score

Since 2008, Cure My Score has been helping consumers recover from ID Theft.  Sadly, ID Theft causes havoc to many consumers credit reports, including children.  Cure My Score provides ID Theft protection to all our clients and their immediate family members*.  Should ID Theft occur, Cure My Score takes corrective measures by assigning one of our professional investigators who will work with the client to have their credit reports restored.  

Studies have revealed some sad facts about ID Theft:

  • A CMU study revealed children are 51 time more likely to become a victim of ID Theft with the youngest victim being only 5 months old.

  • The FTC reported in 2014 that ID Theft was their number one complaint.  13 percent of all their complaints were related to Identity Theft.

*Family members include client’s spouse, domestic partner, children 17 and under, children 18 and older provided they are registered in higher education as a full time student and any additional person who is listed as a dependent on our client’s recently filed Tax Return.