Score Max Program | Cure My Score

Our custom Score Max Program is designed to get you the maximum credit score based on your current credit history.  This program is designed to help anyone get the maximum credit score today regardless if you never missed a payment in your life or if you have major payment issues.  Once we review your credit, we will give you a custom Game Plan, specific to you, designed to maximize your score in each category of credit scoring.   Your payment history only accounts for 35% of your FICO score.  Most people understand that if they have no collections, no public records and pay all their bills perfect they’ll do great in this category.  Unfortunately, paying your bills on time is not enough in itself to guarantee a very high credit score.  The Score Max Program is designed to address 100% of your FICO score, not just the 35% payment history.

We have many clients who say our Score Max custom Game Plan is worth its weight in gold.  Having a clear plan of attack allows you to focus on exactly what actions you should take to maximize your credit score.  Credit scoring is clearly not something you want to guess on.  Credit scoring is not at all random; your score is based exclusively on the information reported on your credit.

We take the guess work out of it, here are a few of the things you will understand:

  • Do I need more revolving credit?
  • Do I owe too much or not enough?
  • Will paying a bad debt off help or hurt me?
  • I made mistakes in the past, am I doomed for life?
  • Do I have too many credit cards open and should I close them?

Call today and get your Score Max Game Plan and find out where you are leaving precious points on the table and how to grab them.