Who Is “The Best” Credit Repair Company?

Tuesday, Dec 14, 21

The sad truth is many companies pay to have their name show up first with search engines like Google and Yahoo. Is ranking high or a company claiming they are “the best” alone enough to earn your business?

I decided to write about this due to a recent conversation I had with a company claiming they can get any credit repair company to report as “the best” on internet search engines. What struck me as odd is they didn’t have any questions related to the credit repair company success rate or services, they said all that was required was to pay them!

In full disclosure, I am the President of Credit Education for Without a doubt, I believe Cure My Score offers the best credit repair services to help consumers regain control over their credit. It’s not placement on the search engine that makes me feel this way; it is what Cure My Score does every day to help their clients repair their credit.

Let’s face it; there are many credit repair companies to choose from. I actually know quite a few good ones and I know many that are not worth a penny of your hard earned money. When choosing a credit repair company, choose one you feel comfortable with. Make sure they have REAL credit education because it is all but impossible to master your credit until you understand how it works.

My advice is when choosing a credit repair company (or any company for that matter) rely on more than just a search engine placement before hiring them.


If your credit needs some help like this client, take action. There are a lot of resources available on steps to improve your credit. You can get free information from the FTC or contact a professional credit repair company like for help. By taking action to improve your credit, you may qualify for the home of your dreams or a new auto while paying less in interest charges.

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About the Author

Credit Reporting / Scoring Expert, Chris McConville is the President of Credit Education at and founder of where he works as an Expert Credit Witness in both Federal and State Court. With working in the credit and mortgage fields since 1991, he’s dedicated to sharing his knowledge to educate consumers.

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