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Top 4 Credit Score Relationship Busters

Tuesday, Feb 14, 23
A photo of the work LOVE with big stacked red letters. Credit Score Relationship Busters

Talking about credit scores with your significant other is far from romantic, but I have seen many times how credit score issues can lead to problems in a relationship. If you want to keep the spark in your relationship strong, avoid these top 4 Credit Score Relationship Busters. 1.  Only 1 of Us Cares About …

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Holiday Credit Score Killers

Monday, Nov 28, 22
Woman is shocked and frustrated after adding up all her charges in one month on her credit card and feeling stuck..

Holiday Credit Score Killers! It seems every year we have clients who encounter damage to their credit score(s) over credit issues related to the holidays.  Below are a few of the top holiday credit score killers we often see.  Do your best not to let the hustle and bustle of the season ruin your credit …

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A Sad Credit Reporting Change is Coming

Tuesday, May 10, 22
Scared family faces credit issues related to human trafficking.

Why this credit reporting change is SAD? When I first learned of this recently passed Act, I felt nothing but sadness that this act is needed.  I have been in the credit and lending business for more than 30 years and I never once considered how credit damage would impact a survivor of human trafficking.  …

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Bad Credit is NO Joke

Thursday, Mar 31, 22
April fools joke slipping on a wet floor.

Bad Credit is NO Joke After working with, and helping, thousands of consumers overcome credit issues, I can tell you that bad credit is nothing to joke about. Credit Rules Are the Same for Everyone Sadly, good people often find themselves in a credit situation which is hard to get out of. For many, maintaining …

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Is Credit Repair Worth It? MAYBE!

Friday, Feb 11, 22
Woman confused if credit repair is worth it.

Credit Repair can be a great investment and it can also be a complete waste of money. It is important to understand that every credit repair company sets their own pricing.  In fact, one of the reasons Cure My Score was started in 2008 was due to pricing issues within the industry.  Over my many years in this …

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Consumers Apply for Loans WITHOUT Knowing

Monday, Dec 27, 21

Did you ever hear the saying that nothing is free? Every consumer should be very careful on providing the numerous free credit/lending websites their personal information.  So many consumers fail to understand that with the exception of, most, if not all, of the free credit/lending providers are actually marketing companies.  These marketing companies use your …

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Who Is “The Best” Credit Repair Company?

Tuesday, Dec 14, 21

The sad truth is many companies pay to have their name show up first with search engines like Google and Yahoo. Is ranking high or a company claiming they are “the best” alone enough to earn your business?…

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3 Credit Score Killers To Avoid Over The Holidays

Wednesday, Dec 8, 21
Unhappy man at Christmas who now needs credit repair.

As they say, tis the season! But for many the season comes with some major credit score declines. Lower credit scores lead to higher interest rates and denials. Credit scoring is complicated…

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How a Covid-19 Test May Cost Someone $75,600

Friday, Nov 12, 21
Angry man due to how a covid test messed up his credit and cost him a ton of money.

I cannot make this stuff up if I tried. Working with so many credit repair consumers, I often hear crazy stories like this one where a man’s covid test could cost him a whopping $75,600.  One thing for sure, he felt like he should have a higher credit score. Why the Covid-19 test could cost …

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Credit Cards – USE them or LOSE them

Tuesday, Aug 31, 21

Credit Cards – USE them or LOSE them Like it or not, credit cards have a big impact on your credit score, so it is important to understand how this all works.  As an educator of credit for a credit repair company, I often teach consumers how to open credit and effectively use it to …

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