How long until I see credit improvement?

This question is VERY difficult to answer. The more active our clients are in their credit, the better they do. Every action on a credit report has a reaction to a credit score; this is why it is so important to understand what actions to take. Our most successful clients participate 100% with our program and a lot the time fully regain control of their credit.

How long must I stay in the program?

Unlike many companies, Cure My Score does not require our clients to be in our program for any period of time. Our program can be completed or canceled at any time.

I recently paid off all of my bad debts. Why hasn’t my score gone up?

This is a question we hear often. While paying off any debt you owe is a wonderful thing, in most cases, it will not make your credit score increase. Keep in mind that a credit score determines the risk of a FUTURE late payment so previous late payments (paid or not) will continue to drag down a credit score.

Why do I have so many different credit scores?

We spend a great deal of time teaching our clients this. The short answer is there are many different scoring models (some real and some fake) and each of these models typically result in a different score which changes each time there is a change on your credit report.

Can I dispute information on my credit myself?

Sure, any consumer can dispute and item on their credit at no cost. Many consumers feel the process of disputing can be difficult, ineffective and/or a waste of time. If you are going to attempt to dispute items on your credit report, it would be best to be prepared and familiarize yourself with all of the federal and state laws. It is advisable to handle any and all disputes via the mail v. online so a consumer can maintain a complete paper trail of their dispute and subsequent results.