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Top 2 Covid-19 Credit Reporting HOT SPOTS

Thursday, Oct 8, 20
Review your credit reports for credit damage from Covid-19 related payment plans.

Covid-19, first your health and now many consumers have to worry about their credit. You are doing your part by social distancing, keeping good hygiene and wearing your mask in public but you would be wise to add one more task to your new normal; review your credit report for errors.  Every consumer should be …

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COVID-19 and Forbearance – How to PROTECT your credit

Tuesday, Mar 31, 20
How to avoid credit damage and the need for credit repair.

COVID-19, otherwise known as the Coronavirus, is causing many consumers to have disruptions in their income. Many of these consumers are facing financial hardship and may have options available to help them alleviate financial stress during these uncertain times. Creditors may offer debtors who are facing a financial hardship a forbearance option to help out.  …

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Coronavirus Scammers Are Here.  Be PREPARED

Thursday, Mar 19, 20
people are scammed leaving them with bad credit and in need of credit repair.

Scammers stop at NOTHING to steal from others.  The best prevention is to be prepared.  It is in great disgust that a blog like this is needed. As of today, everyone in the entire world is likely aware of the global disruption, fear and uncertainty the Coronavirus pandemic is causing.  With the Federal, State and …

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Coronavirus and Your Credit Score…What You Need To Know

Thursday, Mar 12, 20

Sadly, a side effect of the Coronavirus will be lower credit scores for many consumers. While the virus itself will not cause any credit pain, for many, the economic side effects of the virus will.  These economic side effects cannot be cured by hand sanitizers, masks or quarantines. Many consumers are going to face some …

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New credit scores are coming; will they help or hurt you?

Thursday, Feb 6, 20
change to credit score

The credit scoring giant FICO recently announced that they are planning on releasing their newest score models, FICO10 and 10T Suite, later this year. The FICO 10 score model will continue to have the same score ranges and use the same 5 major factors in determining a credit score as previous models.  It is reported …

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What is a SPOOKY Credit Score?

Thursday, Oct 31, 19
Don't have a scary credit score!

Happy Halloween all.  We recently had a new credit repair client who said their current credit score was spooky and they no longer wanted to have a spooky credit score. So what the heck is a spooky credit score?  In reality, this client was just joking that their credit score was poor and they wanted …

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Equifax Settlement Options – I am choosing #5, the one no one is talking about.

Tuesday, Sep 3, 19
Understand how to have the best credit scores.

The way I see it, impacted consumers from the 2017 Equifax data breach will do 1 of 5 things.  Which one is best for you? Do nothing. Sadly, many consumers will do nothing and they will get limited benefits from the settlement and will lose their right to take action in the future against Equifax …

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Free $125 from Equifax?

Thursday, Aug 1, 19
Photo of money we would all save by protecting our credit score.

I hope you didn’t have plans for the $125 you may be entitled to as part of the Equifax $700 million dollar settlement.  As of today, the court has not even approved the Equifax settlement related to their September 2017 data breach that exposed sensitive personal data on approximately 147 million consumers and already their …

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How’s This For A Resolution, A Higher Credit Score For 2019?

Monday, Feb 11, 19

Okay, so we’re now in 2014 and all the New Year’s Resolutions are starting again. I can’t think of a better resolution than a higher credit score. Low credit scores costs consumers so much money. These extra costs can include higher credit costs…

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So The United States Government Is Shut Down, Now What Happens To Your Credit Report?

Saturday, Dec 22, 18

A big flat NOTHING will change with how your credit is reported during the Government shut down. All of your payments, balances, inquiries, open accounts, collections and all other personal information will continue to get reported by the data furnishers as normal…

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