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How A $50 Christmas Gift Destroyed My Credit Score

Thursday, Mar 31, 16

Now this is what I call an expensive credit score lesson. I recently received a credit score question from a consumer who wanted to know why her credit score decreased by 82 points over the previous few months…

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Here Is A Wonderful Office Contest To Improve Your Credit Score

Wednesday, Feb 24, 16

Anyone who has a job knows work can be stressful and tiring. To alleviate some of the stress of work, many companies or employees start office contests. These contests break up some of the grind…

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The #1 New Year’s Resolution to save Money in 2016

Monday, Jan 4, 16

It’s that time of year again where everyone is going to start a new year and resolve to get in shape, save money, be a better person or some other improvement in their lives…

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3 Credit Score Killers To Avoid Over The Holidays

Tuesday, Dec 8, 15

As they say, tis the season! But for many the season comes with some major credit score declines. Lower credit scores lead to higher interest rates and denials. Credit scoring is complicated…

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Beware Of Auto Ads Offering To Pay Off Your Black Friday Bills

Monday, Dec 2, 13

Yes folks, it is that time of year again. The malls will be filled and the credit card debts for many will be growing faster than their bellies after their Thanksgiving days feast…

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Does Too Much Debt Lead To Divorce?

Thursday, Nov 7, 13

Let’s look at the most common issues and some possible solutions. I’ve seen way too many times how debt can lead couples down the path to divorce. I consistently hear two major issues which lead to marital turbulence…

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Should I Consider Debt Settlement As A Form Of Debt Relief?

Wednesday, Oct 30, 13

If you listen to the radio as you sit in traffic, it would seem anyone with credit card debt should sign up for debt settlement as a method of obtaining debt relief from their credit cards. The truth of the matter, one should only seek debt settlement…

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Is My FICO Score The Same As My Vantage Score?

Thursday, Oct 24, 13

The quick answer is NO. To understand why, read on.
First, it is important to understand the only two things these two companies have in common are they both generate credit scores…

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Some Government Employees Are Getting Paid With I.O.U.’s. Can You Pay Your Bills With These?

Thursday, Oct 10, 13

It has only been 2 full days since the United States Government shutdown and I’m already getting questions from Federal employees on what to do with no pay check and bills looming…

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Which Is Better, Debt Settlement Or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Monday, Sep 30, 13

I’ve been asked this so many times and the answer is always 100% the same, it depends. I understand this isn’t the answer you’re looking for so I will elaborate so you can decide what may work best for you…

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