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Beware; Don’t Let A Bank Tell You How Much Home You Can Afford

Tuesday, Dec 11, 18

On my drive to work today, I heard a disturbing radio commercial. The commercial was from a local bank stating they give free pre-approvals for home purchase mortgages as well as determine how much home you can afford…

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Avoid This Mistake At All Cost While Christmas Shopping

Friday, Dec 7, 18

I received an email from a panic stuck consumer a few days ago. This crucial mistake could have easily been avoided.
This consumer was like most other shoppers this time of year, out spending, spending and yes…

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Are You One Of The Millions Of Consumers Getting Unexpected Checks In The Mail?

Friday, Dec 7, 18

I wanted to address this situation due to the millions of consumers who are getting unexpected checks in the mail and don’t know why. Many of these consumers are afraid the checks are part of scam and are afraid to cash them…

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Are You Embarrassed To Seek Credit Help?

Friday, Dec 7, 18

One of the greatest benefits of working directly with consumers is the opportunity to continually learn. I recently had the chance to read a consumer’s testimonial provided to Cure My Score. I was enlightened about the mindset of this consumer…

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Top 5 Worst Consumer Complaints Of 2018, Beware You Don’t Fall Victim

Wednesday, Nov 21, 18

Consumers should always be mindful of whom they do business with as well as the terms and conditions involved in any business they choose to do…

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Are Credit Scores Wrong?

Tuesday, Nov 20, 18

I have the opportunity to speak to many consumers about how credit reports and credit scores work. I often hear many of these consumers complain about how their credit scores are not correct. How can a credit score by incorrect?…

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Another Day Another Security Hack, This Time It’s The I.R.S.!

Monday, Nov 19, 18

Unfortunately, data breeches that release personal information about consumers are getting to be common news. According to the I.R.S., the scheme netted thieves nearly $50 million in refunds before the I.R.S. detected it…

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How A $50 Christmas Gift Destroyed My Credit Score

Thursday, Mar 31, 16

Now this is what I call an expensive credit score lesson. I recently received a credit score question from a consumer who wanted to know why her credit score decreased by 82 points over the previous few months…

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Here Is A Wonderful Office Contest To Improve Your Credit Score

Wednesday, Feb 24, 16

Anyone who has a job knows work can be stressful and tiring. To alleviate some of the stress of work, many companies or employees start office contests. These contests break up some of the grind…

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The #1 New Year’s Resolution to save Money in 2016

Monday, Jan 4, 16

It’s that time of year again where everyone is going to start a new year and resolve to get in shape, save money, be a better person or some other improvement in their lives…

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